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Pre-school children had the chance to find out about the role of a science teacher as part of a special careers week. 18 youngsters, aged just three and four from Bright Futures Nursery in Rawtenstall visited neighbouring Alder Grange School, where they got to try out a number of experiments first hand.

During the event they were shown a flame test to demonstrate how fireworks get their different colour. Alder Grange pupils also demonstrated the effects of static electricity by using a Van der Graaf generator, which made their hair stand on end.

The youngsters had the opportunity to use an air track to show the effects of reduced friction, and also simulated how germs are spread by spraying fake pathogens on their hands, which were visible under UV lamps. The children then had a go at building simple circuits and making bulbs light up.

Andrew Grenfell, Curriculum Leader (Science) said: “I was really pleased with the level of concentration the children showed and the quality of the responses to the questions they were asked.

“Even though they have not yet started primary school, some of the children had already started to form quite well informed ideas about the science behind the demonstrations.



AgMag Summer 2015