Dear Parent or Carer

Snow Closure Arrangements

As you know, local snowfall is occasionally so heavy that safe travel to and from school becomes difficult or impossible.   In larger schools, especially High Schools, this is more of a problem than smaller Primary Schools.  About 50% of our pupils use public transport and we must be mindful of their safety, movement up the steep footways approaching the school has proved very dangerous too. Also the school staff is far larger than that of most Primary Schools and they often live much further away.  The inability of substantial numbers of staff to reach school removes our ability to care for and supervise pupils as we must do. 

If heavy snow falls during the school day, the school will be closed if public transport seems likely to stop running in the following hour.  Bus companies, other High Schools and the Police will be consulted as normal.  Pupils may leave school ONLY when they are sure of getting safely to their home, or that of another relative or friend.  Otherwise they must remain at school to be supervised by senior staff.  It is pupils’ responsibility to inform parents of their whereabouts and the school will assist pupils to do this when necessary.  Information about the closure will also be broadcast on local radio.

It frequently occurs that substantial snow falls overnight or in the early morning.  Information about whether the school is open or closed will be given by Radio Lancashire, Twitter, the school Facebook page and the school website.  This decision will always be a difficult one to make and involves balancing various judgements.  The procedures for making the decision are agreed by Governors, including Parent Governors and consistently applied.  The safety of pupils and staff is the paramount concern and while it may cause some inconvenience we also try to make the decision early enough to avoid unnecessary travel.  Once made, we have to stand by the decision to close even if the situation later improves.

RADIO LANCASHIRE will broadcast on the following frequencies:

FM                                    95.5    103.9  104.5

Medium Wave                  85.5

Information will be broadcast after 7.00 a.m. area by area, at times which Radio Lancashire will announce.


telephones will not be staffed, all necessary information will go out as above.

If the bad weather lasts more than one day, please keep listening to the radio for details of the school reopening.  These arrangements are now well established and for the safety of our pupils.  As always, I thank you for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely

J Griffiths


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