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Computing & Business Studies

In Year 7, students develop their Digital Literacy and develop some basic programming skills.  Year 7 students investigate Online Safety and produce materials to promote their findings.  They will develop an understanding of computer modelling and data presentation using spreadsheets.  Early in the year pupils use sound and video editing software to produce their own video.  Year 7 pupils are introduced to basic programming skills through Scratch animation building.  Pupils will also develop a basic business awareness through an Enterprise unit that links with work completed in other curriculum areas.  

Year 8 students continue to build their awareness of ‘eSafety’ conducting their own surveys and analysing the results.  Pupils develop a greater awareness of computing through an investigation into the origins of computers and computing.  In year 8 basic coding skills are introduced and pupils build their own websites.  Pupils use a cross curricular theme of Fairtrade to develop their programming skills on Scratch and are introduced to other programming software. 

All students in Year 9 complete coursework that can be used to complete the Cambridge Nationals Award in ICT when added to their work in years 10 and 11.  They focus on the creative strand designing videos and multi-media products.  They will also learn how technology is impacting on our lives and develop a greater awareness of Computing in industry by investigating new technologies that are being developed and how they might be used.  Pupils are introduced to a variety of hardware and software and learn to evaluate their  suitability for different computer systems.