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School Trips & Educational Visits

At Alder Grange, we run a number of school trips over the year for our students. To help the organisation process to run smoothly for both the parents and the school, we try to ensure that all trip letters are put on the school website and emails sent to inform you that letters are coming home with the student and/or have been put on the website.

To be prepared for any of the many trips abroad, I would advise that your child has a valid Passport (valid for 6 months from date of trip) and EHIC Card (you can apply for this online at All residential trips require a completed Medical Consent Form, which will be sent home for each trip, but are also available on the school website.

We try to keep the cost of the trips to a minimum however, we have to consider travel, entrance fees, accommodation and insurance before we set a cost for a trip.  We also try to give you as much notice as possible for trips and if we can give you the option of paying by instalments.  If you ever have a problem with getting payments to us for a trip please contact the trip leader to discuss as we can usually come to a suitable arrangement.

We have payment deadlines so that we can ensure cheques are cleared before we have to make payments to the companies that we have made bookings with.  The deadlines also help us see if the trip will be able to run.  Sometimes trips will not run if we do not have enough students, other times we may only have a limited number of places on a trip, so ensuring the reply slip is returned as soon as possible will both improve your child’s chances of getting a place on the trip and ensuring the trip goes ahead.

If you require anymore information on any trip at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me at school, and should you have any concerns about your child on any trip please feel free to contact either the teacher organising the trip or myself.

Chris Reynolds
Educational Visits Co-Ordinator
Tel: 01706 223171