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KS3 Art, Design and Technology

Year 7

Design Technology and Art develops pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding of the technological and creative world in which we live.  Pupils will work with a variety of materials, processes, tools and equipment, graphic and art media, to design and create original artefacts.  Pupils will acquire knowledge, understanding and expertise within Design Technology and Art through a variety of investigative, analytical, design, graphical, artistic and creative practical projects.  The emphasis in year 7 is on acquiring and developing a range of graphical, artistic and practical design and making skills.

Year 8

Design Technology and Art involves developing further the knowledge and skills acquired in Year 7.  Pupils are encouraged to become more independent learners through creative thinking, designing and making.  They will use a variety of media, components, tools, equipment and processes to create both original artwork and real life products.  Pupils are given the opportunities to work with various materials including wood, metal, plastic, electronics, textiles, clay and graphical media to produce quality outcomes.  In Year 8 the emphasis is on promoting quality work through originality.

Year 9

Design Technology and Art both encompass all the learning experiences from Years 7 and 8 enabling pupils to experience a range of practical activities which will both mirror and prepare students for the subjects of Product Design and Art on offer at GCSE.  Pupils will undertake work in the Design Technology and Art departments, working with various materials through a range of processes including design software such as photo shop, product design and computer aided machining to create functioning products and artworks in both the Design Technology and Art departments.  Pupils will also acquire knowledge, understanding and skills which will prepare them for study at GCSE under the umbrella headings of ‘Product Design’ and ‘Art & Design’.