Course Content

Component 1: Poetry

Pre and post 1900. Students develop their ability to read widely and engage critically with a range of poetry from different time periods.

Component 2: Drama

Students will study one Shakespeare play for the examination. They will also study two other plays from the pre and post 1900 era, exploring the connections across the paired drama texts.

Component 3: Unseen texts

In preparation for this element of the exam, students will explore a variety of different texts from the three distinct genres, applying their skills of literary analysis.

Component 4: Prose Study

This assessment is based on the reading of two prose texts from different periods.

1: PoetryWritten exam2h30%
2: DramaWritten exam2h30%
3: Unseen textsWritten exam2h20%
4: Prose StudyNon-exam assessmentN/A20%

Key Info

  • Start Date: September 2024
  • Awarding Body: EDUQAS
  • Study Mode: Full Time
  • Course Length: 2 Years

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