Component 1: Core Pure Mathematics Papers 1 & 2

Proof, Complex numbers, Matrices, Further Algebra and functions, Further calculus, Further vectors, Polar coordinates, Hyperbolic functions, Differential equations

Component 2: Further Mathematics Option 1 & 2

For these papers students choose a pair of options from the selection below, either

  • Both parts of any single topic
  • Any two first parts of different topics

Further Pure Mathematics 1

Further Trigonometry, Further calculus, Further differential equations, Coordinate systems, Further vectors, Numerical Methods, Inequalities

Further Pure Mathematics 2

Groups, Further Calculus, Further Matrix Algebra, Further Complex Numbers, Number Theory, Further Sequences and series

Further Statistics 1

Discrete probability distributions, Poisson and binomial distributions, Geometric and negative binomial distributions, Hypothesis testing, Central Limit Theorem, Chi Squared Tests, Probability generating functions, Quality of tests

Further Statistics 2

Linear Regression, Continuous probability distributions, Correlation, Combinations of random variables, Estimation, confidence intervals and tests using a normal distribution, Other Hypothesis Tests and confidence intervals, Confidence intervals and tests using the t – distribution

Further Mechanics 1

Momentum and impulse, Work and energy, Elastic strings and springs and elastic energy, Elastic collisions in one dimension, Elastic collisions in two dimensions

Further Mechanics 2

Motion in a circle, Centres of mass of plane figures, Further centre of mass, Further dynamics, Further kinematics

Decision Mathematics 1

Algorithms and graph theory, Algorithms on graphs, Algorithms on graphs II, Critical path analysis, Linear Programming

Decision Mathematics 2

Transportation problems, Allocation (assignment) problems, Flows in networks, Dynamic programming, Game theory, Recurrence relations, Decision analysis

1: Core Pure Mathematics 1Written exam1h 30m25%
2: Core Pure Mathematics 2Written exam1h 30m25%
3: Further Mathematics Option 1Written exam1h 30m25%
4: Further Mathematics Option 2Written exam1h 30m25%

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