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Welcome to Alder Grange. Our school is a unique and special place. There is a real sense of family and community within the school. Alder Grange is a school where…

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10 months ago
At ag6, the free time you’ll have depends on the subjects you take. Of course, you’ll have chance to take part in some of the social activities we offer and we encourage you to use any other free time to study to give you the best chance of achieving high grades. #askaboutag6 https://t.co/6Lw5IGw5EF AlderGrange photo

Alder Grange aims to be…

A School

where everybody is inspired to be the best they can.

A Place

where excellence is nurtured.

A Community

in which everybody cares.

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Century Tech

In assemblies this week students have been learning more about Century Tech. We have put together this guide to help students and parents navigate the system and get the most…

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