The catering facility at Alder Grange is an in house facility which means we control what we serve to our pupils and students. We offer a wide variety of foods from light snacks to full meals. You can find an example of a typical weekly menu here. We also follow the government guidelines for food standard in schools.

Weekly Menu Example June 2021

At Alder Grange we have a number of dining facilities allocated to year groups. Years 7 and 8 have the Canteen, years 9, 10 and 11 have the Studio and AG6 have the café. Because of COVID 19 the school invested in an outside service point called the shack. Post Covid this will be used for selling sandwiches and snacks

We use a cashless system where each child is issued with a PIN. This Pin is four numbers that is used to purchase food and drinks throughout the day. A coinbox is located in school that allows pupils to add money in case of emergencies but we ask parents to put money on to each child’s account via Parentpay. This also allows parents to see what their child is buying each day. We do have a daily limit set for each child of £5 but this can be altered by parents to an amount they think suitable.

Our AG6 students can use their PINs carried over from school but also have a contactless facility to use their own bank account. They do not have a daily limit.

If your child receives free school meals at primary school then that should carry over to Alder Grange but please check. If you think your child may be entitled please contact 01254 220 747 (East Area Education Office) for guidance and to register.

If your child has any allergies or medical dietary requirements please inform us straight away; we have lots of information and allergen sheets with everything we sell available in the canteen. A copy can be emailed home on request but they are constantly updated.

We do have a number of children that prefer to bring a packed lunch but we do ask parents to consider what they include in their children’s lunch. Please do not include high energy drinks or anything that is likely to affect the behaviour of your child.