Computing & Business

Curriculum Intent

Alder Grangers will use analysis, innovation and creativity to understand and adapt to the digital and physical world around them. Students will be active participants in a process that involves understanding and enjoyment of learning through contextual application of academic study that is communicated clearly using inclusive, constructivist pedagogies.

Our curriculum intent aims to ensure that all pupils at Alder Grange are able to:

access an inclusive broad range of subjects that includes comprehensive coverage of each department area in Years 7 – 9 to ensure students make informed choices for Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 study pathways.

discover and develop their knowledge and passions through relevant, engaging, creative and inspirational learning activities, both within the core curriculum and enrichment provision.

be prepared for the future, either with qualifications to embark on a related future career, or with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills required to be a confident, resilient, and adaptive member of our digital society and business workforce.

be good citizens who consider safety, wellbeing, inclusion and accessibility through the lens of social, legal and ethical impacts of their own and others’ decisions.

The curriculum is intended to promote and value equally, the following cross-curricular themes:

  • Culture & the Arts
  • STEM & Digital technology
  • Language Mastery
  • Numeracy
  • Reasoning
  • Wellbeing – both physical, mental and social
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness & Citizenship
  • Mastery
  • Critical thinking
  • Independent learning skills
  • Extra curricular projects
  • Inclusion

Computing & Business

Curriculum Team

Curriculum Leader: Mrs Huddart | Leads Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise & Marketing / BTEC Business

Subject Teacher: Mrs. Wood | Leads Cambridge Technicals in IT and KS3 IT/Business Carousel.

Subject Teacher: Mr Fielding | Leads KS3 Computing. KS4 Computer Science.

For further information or to discuss any subject within the department, at any key stage, get in touch via email:

Useful Links

OCR GCSE Computer Science (J277)

Cambridge Nationals in Enterprise & Marketing (J819)

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia (J817)

OCR A-Level Computer Science (H446)

Cambridge Technicals in IT Extended Certificate (5839)

BTEC National Extended Certificate in Business (601/7159/5)

Careers / Future Options

There are a massive range of future study and careers options available following study of these subjects.

All KS3 lessons support the learning in the relevant subject at KS4.

The learning and skills developed in KS5 IT / Computer Science lessons support further studying at university or entry into the IT sector.

The learning and skills developed in Business Studies lessons support further studying at university, entry into business roles or self-employment.

Business Skills

I want to start my own business

Coding is the future

Coding is the future. I love learning to code. I want to be a games designer when I am older.