Creative Arts Department

Curriculum Intent

Creative Arts Curriculum intent

The Creative Arts department aims to deliver a unique and individually tailored curriculum that reflects what it is to be an Alder Granger.

We are passionate about building each students’ technical, constructive and expressive skills while providing each student the opportunity to make artistic decisions, be creative and discover their passions.

Our curriculum intent aims to ensure that all pupils at Alder Grange are able to:

Access an inclusive broad range of subjects providing a learning environment in which all students can refine and build on their natural creativity and talents in music, drama and media

We are committed to removing all barriers to learning so our students can take risks, work collaboratively and autonomously, and reflect on their learning journey, providing both traditional and vocational pathways.

Discover and develop their knowledge and passions through carefully designed schemas, where students access and experience a wide variety of topics including explorations of ‘the greats’, modern day specialists and historical periods. We aim to encourage our students to learn to use their voices, to create,compose and devise on their own and with others, have the opportunity to learn skills within our specific disciplines in a variety of styles and cultures, use technology appropriately, have the opportunity to progress to the next level of excellence and understand key themes and theories that are interleaved throughout the delivery of the curriculum.

Be prepared for the future allowing students to experience a wide variety of topics and cultures, to identify and progress their talents in lesson time, through extra-curricular activities, trips and links to industry professionals. Students are encouraged to be confident, resilient, and adaptive members of our school and wider community develop vital leadership, teamwork and independent learning skills and build a lifelong love of the subject.This in turn, prepares our students for further study or their chosen career pathway.

Be good citizens where students are provided with a safe environment to explore their identity, be resilient, problem solve and discuss relevant issues in a respectful manner, whilst developing their expressive meaning, their understanding of the topics and global and national cultural aspects.

The curriculum is intended to promote and value equally, the following cross-curricular themes:

  • Culture & the Arts
  • STEM & Digital technology
  • Language Mastery
  • Numeracy
  • Reasoning
  • Wellbeing – both physical, mental and social
  • Spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness & Citizenship
  • Mastery
  • Critical thinking
  • Independent learning skills
  • Extra curricular projects
  • Inclusion

Creative Arts

Curriculum Team

Curriculum Leader: Miss K Procter | Media Studies, Drama and Music
Subject Teacher: Ms Guy | Drama
Subject Teacher: Miss Leach | Music
Subject Teacher: Mr L Gaffey | Media Studies and Music

For further information or to discuss any subject within the department, at any key stage, get in touch via email:

Careers / Future Options

There are a massive range of future study and careers options available following study of these subjects.

These subjects are available at A Level in our Sixth Form ‘ag6’.

The learning and skills developed in KS5 lessons support further studying this subject at university.

If you enjoy these subjects you may want to consider the following career paths:

  • Actor
  • Arts administrator
  • Broadcast presenter
  • Choreographer
  • Community arts worker
  • Composition
  • Digital music
  • Dramatherapist
  • Live events production
  • Media and communication (music industries)
  • Media researcher
  • Music production
  • Music technology
  • Musical theatre
  • Runner, broadcasting/film/video
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Songwriting
  • Sound engineering
  • Sound technology
  • Special effects technician
  • Stage management
  • Television floor manager
  • Theatre director
  • Theatre stage manager