School Uniform

Alder Grange has made efforts over many years to keep the costs of school uniform to a minimum whilst maintaining high standards, and considering good quality and durable items. This is reviewed annually and in line with the Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Act 2021.

Alder Grange uniform is of a lower overall cost than other schools in the area, and has minimal items which need to be purchased from a named supplier.

There are a large number of items which can be purchased from any uniform supplier or supermarket and do not have school logos. These are: Blue shirts or blouses, grey skirts and trousers, socks.

Blazers are either sold with a badge already on them or a navy blazer can be purchased from anywhere and a badge sewn on.

Ties also have a school logo, they have a different colour stripe for each year group, but pupils keep the same colour throughout school. There is an optional Year 11 tie.

We are flexible with shoes; any black leather/leather look shoe is acceptable. Equally we are flexible with coats; pupils can wear any outdoor coat over their blazers to travel to and from school.

PE kit has a school logo on, and there are a range of items available from a specialist supplier. Many of these are optional. Only a PE top must be purchased from this supplier, it does have the school logo on it, and in addition pupil initials can be added (this prevents items being lost and saves money from lost kit). Shorts are black and can be purchased elsewhere, the same for black sports socks.

There are two optional items of uniform, a summer shirt, this has a logo on the collar and can be worn between Easter and October half term, and a school jumper – either the specific Alder Grange jumper available from Amin’s or any plain navy V-neck jumper.

There are therefore only 3 items: Blazer badge, tie and PE top which are required from specialist suppliers.

The school is mindful of uniform cost so have additionally launched a high quality second hand online shop. Any parent struggling to source items of uniform is encouraged to contact school, and help can be given.

Our full school uniform policy can be accessed here

PE Kit

Alder Grange PE kit can be purchased through Official kit. Official kit has an online shop where school kit can be purchased. The direct link to the shop is:

There will be order forms available from school or you can print yourself:

Order Form

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