Course Content

Component 1: Education with Methods in Context

Students will explore the nature of the education system and the differing opportunities of success for certain pupils, based around social class, gender and ethnicity. Why are some people less likely to succeed in school than others? Students will also consider new ideas such as ‘the hidden curriculum’, what do we really learn in school? In addition to this, Component 1 consists of learning the various research methods used by sociologists and relate those methods to the Education System.

Component 2: Families and Households and The Mass Media

Families and Households: Students will see the patterns and trends of societal changes regarding the family from 1900 until the present, resulting from attitude changes and Government Policy changes – gender equality being a good example. How equal are the UK’s families in 2018?

The Mass Media: When studying the media, students will explore ideas such as the power of the media in shaping the way that we think and feel. Students will consider how the media reinforces stereotypes – and if those stereotypes pose wider problems in society. Do you control ideas that you read, watch and hear? Or can you only see what is available? Do you believe everything that you read in the newspapers?

Component 3: Theory and Methods and Crime and Deviance

Theory and Methods: During the course, students will have become familiar with sociological perspectives such as Marxism, Feminism, Functionalism and Postmodernism. Students will have the opportunity at this point to explore these ideas like this in greater depth, with some new ideas linked in!

Crime and Deviance: Students will consider the ways in which the state aim to control peoples’ behaviour and what happens when this does not work. Students will research into how certain social groups (such as social class, gender and ethnicity) appear on crime statistics in a disproportionate way and the reasons behind this. They will also debate on how society should deal with offenders.

1: Education with Methods in ContextWritten exam 2h33%
2: Families and Households and The Mass MediaWritten exam2h33%
3: Theory and Methods and Crime and DevianceWritten exam2h33%

Key Info

  • Start Date: September 2024
  • Awarding Body: AQA
  • Study Mode: Full Time
  • Course Length: 2 Years

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