Course Content

Component 1: Being a young person in French speaking society

Students will focus on the themes of Families and citizenship; Youth trends and personal identity; Education and employment opportunities.

Component 2: Understanding the French speaking world

Students will learn about Regional cultures and heritage in France, French-speaking countries and communities as well as Media, art, film and music in the French-speaking world.

Component 3: Diversity and difference

Student will study the topics of Migration and integration; Cultural identity and marginalisation; Cultural enrichment and celebrating difference; Discrimination and diversity.

Component 4: France 1940-1950 – The Occupation and the post-war years

Students will learn about June 1940–May 1945; the cultural dimension in occupied France during 1945-1950.

1: Speaking examSpeaking exam25m30%
2: Listening, Reading, TranslationWritten exam2h 30m50%
3: Critical and analytical response in writingWritten exam2h20%

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