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Rossendale Covid Emergency Assistance Grant

The Children and Family Wellbeing Service have asked us to let parents and carers know that the Rossendale Covid Emergency Assistance grant is available to support people who are struggling to afford food and other essentials due to COVID-19.

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be resident in Burnley, Pendle or Rossendale
  • Be able to demonstrate that they struggling to afford food and / or other essentials due to Covid-19.
  • not have any savings, access to other monies or affordable source of funding, or other means of accessing support

What can be provided?

Food:  Any applicant deemed eligible for an award of food will be offered up to the maximum of an equivalent of c£100 worth of food.

Essential items (including heating bills):  Any applicant deemed eligible for an award for essential items, will receive an award up to a maximum of £200.

Items could include:  Essential household items; Supermarket vouchers; Vouchers for school uniforms; Vouchers for essential furniture; Essential items for children.

What can’t be provided?

This fund is designed to provide the most essential items to those most in need.  The programme will not provide:

  • Cash
  • Leisure activity e.g. Holidays
  • Specific items from specific shops
  • Specific foods from specific shops/supermarkets (special dietary requirements will be catered for)
  • Any item/service which has already been paid for
  • Anything that promotes a religious or political agenda
  • Any particular item which has already been funded from a different source
  • Help with rent/mortgage payments or paying off debts e.g. Council Tax, credit cards etc

Applications can be made using the referral form which should be forwarded to:

Referral form

or phone 01282 433740

Public Health England Letter

Public Health England have produced a letter for schools to distribute to parents which explains when a person requires a coronavirus test and what the symptoms of coronavirus are. They have asked us to share and circulate this letter amongst parents at school.

The intention of the letter is to help prevent children being taken out of school unnecessarily and answer some of the questions parents may have around testing.

23rd September – PHE letter to parents and guardians