At Alder Grange School we have expectations for success called the 3 Rs: Ready, Respectful and Responsible. We also follow the home school agreement where we endeavour to to articulate our vision of how we, as parents, teachers and students, can work in partnership to enhance our students achievements. Please click here to access a copy of this.


Come to school every day in correct uniform with any drinks/food and/or hoodies/jumpers/coats in your bag.

Come to school every day with a pen, pencil and your planner and make sure
these are put on your desk at the start of form time and every lesson.

Ensure you have an appropriate bag for school and get it ready the night before you come into school.

If you have a mobile phone make sure it is turned off and in your bag.

Bring the correct books for each lesson.

Bring any other equipment you might need for different lessons (e.g. PE Kit).

Ensure you have completed your homework and bring it in when it is due.

Arrive to lessons on time.


Show respect for everyone and everything in our school community.

Consider the impact of what you say on others and the impact of your actions on other individuals in our school community.

Listen to all staff and students attentively and respond to their ideas sensitively and appropriately.

Be considerate to members of our local community and members of the public when travelling to and from school and when on educational visits.

Take pride in your school – look after your school environment.

Be polite to every student, every member of staff and every visitor in school.

Be positive to all those you come into contact with.

Express your feelings and opinions, without fear, but respecting others.


Take responsibility for your own learning and behaviour.

Remain focused in lessons and try to avoid distractions.

Be positive and enthusiastic about your learning.

Check if you understand things and ask questions if you do not understand.

Do not give up if you find things difficult and always remember there is a solution to a problem.

Around school, ensure you behave appropriately on corridors. Keep movement around the school sensible and safe (one way system).

Help make every classroom a place where people succeed.

Do your part to make the school a place where everyone feels safe and happy.

Look after the school’s environment, building and property.

Support others’ rights to a healthy environment

Treat others as you wish them to treat you!