Monitoring Progress

Grade Collection is one way in which school keeps track of your child’s progress. The grade collections happen at regular intervals during the year and are intended to pick up on any problems early on, before they get too serious. Grade Collections are also a way of praising pupils who are doing well and has become very popular with pupils for this reason. Most importantly, Grade Collection is a way of showing the pupil, the school, and yourselves how well each pupil has been doing during the past few weeks. To find out more about Grade Collection, please click on the link.


As you know, we see our Homework and Personal Study Policy as an essential means of enabling ALL pupils to reach the highest possible levels of success. Homework helps pupils to achieve higher standards of work, to develop the ability to organize themselves, promotes self-discipline and encourages confidence. This short guide is about how you can support your child in ensuring it works as effectively as possible.

Guide To Homework