Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Intent

The Modern Foreign Languages Department value all pupils as individuals and recognise that they are all capable of achieving success which comes in innumerable forms.  It is our aspiration that our pupils will develop an interest and curiosity in other languages and cultures, progressing gradually into confident, resilient and independent learners. 

We are aware of the need to support all pupils through their foreign language learning journey at Alder Grange and the importance of creating a non-threatening learning and teaching environment, expecting pupils to learn from their mistakes. We show interest in all Alder Grangers to establish positive relationships and we take account of pupil voice to inform our planning and provide active, challenging and enjoyable learning experiences. 


The intent of the Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum at Alder Grange aims to ensure that all pupils at Alder Grange are able:


to access an inclusive broad range of topicsby making the teaching and learning themed around real topics and global world issues and by using authentic materials such as stories and films, we endeavour to make all language work relevant to all pupils, accessible, enjoyable and aimed at ensuring their success, whatever their level of ability.  


to discover and develop their knowledge and passions – our Department is dedicated to promote consistency and high standards to engender a positive approach to language learning which will allow pupils to either become passionate linguists or simply appreciate the value of a culturally diverse society. The department contributes to the development of the whole child by enabling all pupils to develop confidence though appreciating their ability to cope with the unfamiliar, make progress and achieve. We intend to equip our more capable and keen linguists with all the necessary vocabulary, knowledge of phonics, explicit use and understanding of grammar, manipulation of more complex structures for the rigorous demands of the GCSE examinations, further language learning and study or work in other countries. For our pupils who are less interested in languages, we seek to foster attitudes and develop other skills which will teach them to communicate and to understand others, assimilate new information and deal with it efficiently, as well as be self-disciplined and demonstrate perseverance. 


to be good citizens – the work of our department is also dedicated to the promotion of communication and understanding of cultural differences between our pupils and people of other nations. By providing them with an opening to other cultures, we help our pupils acquire mutual respect, tolerance and good relationships between persons of different countries and ethnic groups, whilst preparing them for a globalised world of work and equipping them with the skills to work in a variety of cultural contexts.  


to prepare them for the future Ultimately, our aim is that our pupils will understand that modern foreign languages can open up wider horizons and make them more open and adaptable to new experiences to become responsible citizens who will make positive contributions to society and their communities. We also ensure that by the time they leave our school, Alder Grangers will know the French or Spanish word for geese.


The Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum at Alder Grange strive to encourage all our pupils to take pride in their linguistic achievements whilst building on their literacy, study, numeracy, creative and social skills.  Through learning a foreign language at Alder Grange, our pupils will develop fundamentally important and transferable skills, contributing to pupils’ achievement in the wider school curriculum areas:


  • linguistic and literacy skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing 
  • study skills: observing, detailing, interpreting, learning, organising
  • numeracy skills: telling the time; converting distance and currency, measuring, carrying out basic sums, understanding bar or pie charts, completing surveys
  • creative skills: writing or speaking creatively to express and justify ideas and opinions
  • social and spiritual skills: working with others, accepting and tolerating others’ way of life and ideas, interacting, understanding

Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Team

Curriculum Leader: Mr S Corbishley | Leads KS3 | KS4 | KS5

Subject Teacher: Mrs R Chamberlain

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Careers / Future Options

The following future study and career options are available following study of this subject.

All KS3 lessons support the learning in this subject at KS4.

The learning and skills developed in KS5 French lessons support further studying at university.

If you enjoy French as a subject you may want to consider the following career paths:

  • Academic researcher
  • Foreign Language Correspondent.
  • Interpreter
  • Political risk analyst
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Translator
Business Skills

I want to start my own business

Coding is the future

Coding is the future. I love learning to code. I want to be a games designer when I am older.